Travis Scott X McDonald’s Collab

This week rapper Travis Scott and McDonald’s collaborated together to share the rapper’s favorite style meal from the fast-food chain. On the day of the release, fans across the country were lining up to get a taste of it and any other items related to the collaboration.

What’s funny is that there really isn’t much difference with the meal from an ordinary meal. Travis Scott likes his quarter-pounder with bacon, lettuce, pickles, onions, and barbecue sauce for his fries, along with a Sprite. So what was all the hype really about?

Once the product went on sale, Scott himself showed up in California at a McDonald’s location and fans went wild. There were hundred’s of people outside as the rapper pulled up in his red Ferrari and could be seen streaming the event live.

People who ordered the meal did some unusual things you might do for a sneaker such as an unboxing, and sell on platforms like StockX and eBay to share some laughs. People also drove up to McDonald’s and were told to ask for Cactus Jack, an alter-ego of Scott. However, not all people got the quote.

While I don’t buy all the hype behind this sandwich, I still think this was a pretty cool and different collaboration. The only time something like this has happened was when Michael Jordan was still playing basketball with the Chicago Bulls. I believe this opens up the door for other athletes and celebrities to do collaborations with food companies, but I don’t think it will be as anticipated as this.

Travis Scott has created some merchandise that you can find here.

I do wonder how long the meal will be on sale, and what else Travis has in store for his fans or the people? Either way, I’m sure this was a huge success for himself and McDonald’s.

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