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  • Steph Curry’s Impact with Under Armour

    Curry is set to sign a lifetime deal with Under Armour worth nearly $1 billion dollars. That’s billion with a capital “B”. This comes two years after UA and Curry launched Curry brand, which is what Jordan is to Nike, and the brand growth has been fairly popular amongst fans. Let’s take at look at…

  • Experiencing the city of Cleveland, Ohio

    The wife and I were fortunate to experience a wonderful trip to Cleveland Ohio back in the winter of 2019. A bit of back story, every year my friend, Matthew Puente and his family, take a trip to a Houston Texans’ away game. This was before we had kids and we had some funds saved…

  • NBA meets AEW

    It’s nothing new that sports athletes have found their way inside the squared circle. The earliest memory I have is of Lawrence Taylor facing off with Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania. “The Mailman” Karl Malone was immersed in a storyline with DDP and the NWO with Dennis Rodman during WCE heydays. While Lebron James has…

  • A Trip to Dallas

    Dallas is my hometown so naturally whenever I go back, I look for fun things to do related to the city. I’m a HUGE Dallas Mavericks fan so it’s been a goal of mine to snap photos of anything Mavs related. Since their championship in 2011, several installments have gone up as a reminder of…

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