Steph Curry’s Impact with Under Armour

Curry is set to sign a lifetime deal with Under Armour worth nearly $1 billion dollars. That’s billion with a capital “B”. This comes two years after UA and Curry launched Curry brand, which is what Jordan is to Nike, and the brand growth has been fairly popular amongst fans. Let’s take at look at his impact on the game, with UA and in the community.

Step Curry is a household name and one could even argue he is one of the most influential players in basketball history. A small guard from a small school, Davidson, Curry made his name know during March Madness, heck that’s where I learned about who he was. Besides Allen Iverson, Curry has shown he can play amongst giants and revolutionized the game.

Curry is 4-time NBA champion, NBA MVP, and more recent Finals MVP, All-time 3 point record holder with many more accolades and will definitely be remembered as one of the greats. I do recall how he wanted to sign with Nike and be one of their signature athletes, however Nike turned him down. Then he went with Under Armour.

After many Player Exclusive models, PE’s for the sneakersheads, Curry eventually received his own signature, and the brand took off. While UA had some success with Brandon Jennings, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson not part of the brand yet, Curry elevated the company to another level. People loved Curry and they loved his game. A proficient player who could burn you at the 3-point line, or take it to the whole and make you look like a fool; Curry can definitely change the momentum.

I guess you can compare it to how people at the parks, rec centers, or even in the office would say “Kobe” when they would shoot something. You go to courts these days or see people practicing, and they all want to shoot like Steph Curry. They’ll shoot half court, work on layups, crossovers etc., and mimic his style.

While Curry had several good shoes with UA, his more recent expansion to Curry brand has seen the rise in “Flow” sneaker technology which was first seen on the Curry 8. He even put the tech on the Curry 4, and wore the updated “Lavender” model during the 2022 NBA Finals, sealing championship number 4, and Finals MVP nod. That leads to one of the biggest deals to happen where Curry is getting a lifetime deal worth $1 billion.

That means more collaborations, more product, advertisements, partnerships and hopefully giving back to those that need it, becuase he does a lot of philanthropic work, too. You could compare this to Lebron’s deal with Nike, or even Derrick Rose with Adidas. While Curry may not receive a “Curry Innovation” building anytime soon like Lebron, he will continue to work on some great projects.

For someone who was recruited so low, and thought to not be able to make it in the league, this is definitely a humbling experience. Like him or not, Curry has made a great impact on the game, for UA, and the community. If you don’t think that’s worth something, well then you’re wrong because clearly it’s at least worth $1 billion. Here’s to Curry and UA on their future success.

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