Nike Adapt BB E.A.R.L

When I first head about this shoe dropping, I was ecstatic. I had missed the first release of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, the first self-lacing shoe based off of the sought after, Nike Air Mag. The price point of $700 was just too high for my budget. However, when Nike released a similar model built for basketball, I couldn’t refuse. Plus, the price was cut in half.

The marketing and advertising behind the Adapt BB was perfect. Nike had used their young athletes like Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, and Luka Doncic to promote the shoe. They were set to debut during All-Star weekend. The color-way was gorgeous and yet so simple. A black upper with a white swoosh and an icy blue sole. The self-lacing feature was mind-blowing.

However, when they released, I missed out on the initial release, a stunning defeat and blow to my ego. I could’ve bought a pair with what little money I had, but it meant that I would be broke and would have to eat ramen noodles. No dice, plus I didn’t need to be in trouble with my wife who knows I have a small addiction.

When I heard the next pair and color-way would drop, I was determined to save some money and cop a pair. I’m not a person who buys and flips, I love to wear my kicks, so when this next pair dropped, I immediately got online and was able to buy them. When they came in, I had a field day.

This color-way was gray, with a grayish icy sole, with infrared accents. I contemplated trying to flip the shoe for the first color-way, but ultimately decided I really loved my pair. I did a whole unboxing video and everything.

Unboxing of the Nike Adapt BB

It wasn’t until our teacher vs. student game that I got a chance to break them out. The students had know that I really wanted one of these self-lacing pairs and when I broke them out, they went crazy at the self-lacing feature and on-feet perspective.

Throughout the game, they were great. Not too bulky or heavy; they felt like a normal, modern basketball shoe. The battery life on them is great, the traction is great, and definitely a lock-down feel. I even crossed over a student in them, and got that footage.

I’ve been able to wear them in some other open gym sessions and have been asked several questions about them. While some would question the price point, I would say people spend hundreds if not thousands on other “grail” shoes so these shouldn’t make a difference, except for the fact THEY SELF LACE! They even have their own app to sync to.

They’ve come out with an Adapt BB 2, but they’re just not the same compared to the original pair. During this quarantine period, they haven’t had much love, but best believe when gyms open back up, I’ll rock these on the court.

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