Experiencing the city of Cleveland, Ohio

The wife and I were fortunate to experience a wonderful trip to Cleveland Ohio back in the winter of 2019. A bit of back story, every year my friend, Matthew Puente and his family, take a trip to a Houston Texans’ away game. This was before we had kids and we had some funds savedContinue reading “Experiencing the city of Cleveland, Ohio”

My experience with the Tom Sachs/Nike Craft WearTesters program

When I first heard of the Tom Sachs/Nike Craft weartester program back in December, I was stoked. Getting the chance to wear test the Mars Yard 2.5 was going to be something great to experience. Tom Sachs (I world renowned artist and big in the sneaker world) and Nike were allowing footwear enthusiast to wearContinue reading “My experience with the Tom Sachs/Nike Craft WearTesters program”

Nike Mascot T-Shirt Collection

Nike has done it again. With the start of the 2020-2021 NBA season already underway since late December, Nike has created and pushed out new quality, gear for NBA fans and their specific teams. With new NBA city Jerseys, warm-ups, pants, socks etc., be made, Nike decided to take it a step further. This year,Continue reading “Nike Mascot T-Shirt Collection”

Unboxing the Air Max 90 “Nordic”

When I first saw these kicks, I have to admit I did like them. My good friend recommend I get a pair, but I wasn’t super in love with them. Especially since they could only really be worn around Christmas time. So naturally, I passed. It wasn’t until about two weeks from Christmas 2020 thatContinue reading “Unboxing the Air Max 90 “Nordic””