Unboxing the Air Max 90 “Nordic”

When I first saw these kicks, I have to admit I did like them. My good friend recommend I get a pair, but I wasn’t super in love with them. Especially since they could only really be worn around Christmas time. So naturally, I passed.

It wasn’t until about two weeks from Christmas 2020 that I took another look at them on the Nike site after coming across them on Sneakernews. Nike had sold out, so I panicked a bit and decided to check out Kickin It ATX where my good friend Colin works and decided, without hesitation, to purchase the pair, knowing they would be important to Christmas tradition.

Along with this pair, there was a pair of Nike Blazers high, and Air Force 1’s high, to join in on the tradition. I must admit, I’m not a big Air Force 1 fan, but with recent updates to the model and this specific colorway, I’m starting to become a fan. However, these 90’s were a game changer. Check out the video below for the unboxing on Christmas Day and a pair of Nike Elite Christmas socks to rock with them:

Adidas X Toy Story Collaboration

This collaboration is a few years old, though one of my favorite collaborations. I’m a huge Pixar fan, and love Toy Story, part III being my favorite. I didn’t follow this collaboration closely, though I wish I did.

I came across these two pairs Christmas 2019, as I was shopping for my children. My son Michael loves Toy Story and is big into Cowboys and horses and he loves Woody and Buzz. When I saw these shoes I knew I had to buy them for him no matter the cost. I even thought about looking for matching father/son pairs but realized that the shoes were only made for toddlers.

I was semi-torn between which pair I should get him because they were pricey for a little kids shoe. Ultimately I convinced grandma (my mom) to help me buy a gift for her grandson and then I bought the other pair (Grandma’s will always be willing to buy something for their grand children). When I showed my mom the shoes, she instantly said he’ll love them. Sure enough he did.

When they came in the mail, I felt like I was more excited to receive them than my own son because of course I love the story’s behind shoes and the inspiration that comes from them.

These Adidas Ultra Boost have it down to the last details. As I poured over both kicks, I could see the time and effort that went into making sure they resembled each character. The Woody pair has the patch work with the yellow and red colors in the strips and in the primeknit upper.

While the blue from Woody’s denim isn’t there, the black makes up for it, and even has the brown shoelace ends that resemble his hat and boots. Even the sole resembles them. At the back of the heel, you get the subtle hint of blue in the unique heel pattern. The insole is the coolest and missed feature as it showcases Woody’s image.

In the second pair, the colors really pop for Buzz. You have the neon green sockliner, neon green accents in the forefoot and knit, as well as the heel collar. Then you also have the infrared colors in the side logo and knit as well. Inside the shoe, you also get the image of Buzz as he’s blasting off! Iconic.

Both shoes come with the aforementioned Boost, and provide a comfy, soft ride. Both tongues have the Toy Story 4 logo on them as a final stamp.

Though my son doesn’t fit in these anymore, I couldn’t bare myself to get rid of them (plus a few other pairs he has) because they represent so much. I somewhat forced my son onto the Toy Story saga and while he could have hated it, he really loves it. We share a special bond, kind of like an old meets new since Toy Story just celebrated it’s 25th year anniversary.

When he gets older, hopefully will still share that love for Toy Story and I can go back and show him these shoes that his dear old father got for him and still has till this day. Who knows, maybe they can even be passed on to his kids. One can hope.

Nike Adapt BB E.A.R.L

When I first head about this shoe dropping, I was ecstatic. I had missed the first release of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, the first self-lacing shoe based off of the sought after, Nike Air Mag. The price point of $700 was just too high for my budget. However, when Nike released a similar model built for basketball, I couldn’t refuse. Plus, the price was cut in half.

The marketing and advertising behind the Adapt BB was perfect. Nike had used their young athletes like Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, and Luka Doncic to promote the shoe. They were set to debut during All-Star weekend. The color-way was gorgeous and yet so simple. A black upper with a white swoosh and an icy blue sole. The self-lacing feature was mind-blowing.

However, when they released, I missed out on the initial release, a stunning defeat and blow to my ego. I could’ve bought a pair with what little money I had, but it meant that I would be broke and would have to eat ramen noodles. No dice, plus I didn’t need to be in trouble with my wife who knows I have a small addiction.

When I heard the next pair and color-way would drop, I was determined to save some money and cop a pair. I’m not a person who buys and flips, I love to wear my kicks, so when this next pair dropped, I immediately got online and was able to buy them. When they came in, I had a field day.

This color-way was gray, with a grayish icy sole, with infrared accents. I contemplated trying to flip the shoe for the first color-way, but ultimately decided I really loved my pair. I did a whole unboxing video and everything.

Unboxing of the Nike Adapt BB

It wasn’t until our teacher vs. student game that I got a chance to break them out. The students had know that I really wanted one of these self-lacing pairs and when I broke them out, they went crazy at the self-lacing feature and on-feet perspective.

Throughout the game, they were great. Not too bulky or heavy; they felt like a normal, modern basketball shoe. The battery life on them is great, the traction is great, and definitely a lock-down feel. I even crossed over a student in them, and got that footage.

I’ve been able to wear them in some other open gym sessions and have been asked several questions about them. While some would question the price point, I would say people spend hundreds if not thousands on other “grail” shoes so these shouldn’t make a difference, except for the fact THEY SELF LACE! They even have their own app to sync to.

They’ve come out with an Adapt BB 2, but they’re just not the same compared to the original pair. During this quarantine period, they haven’t had much love, but best believe when gyms open back up, I’ll rock these on the court.

Travis Scott X McDonald’s Collab

This week rapper Travis Scott and McDonald’s collaborated together to share the rapper’s favorite style meal from the fast-food chain. On the day of the release, fans across the country were lining up to get a taste of it and any other items related to the collaboration.

What’s funny is that there really isn’t much difference with the meal from an ordinary meal. Travis Scott likes his quarter-pounder with bacon, lettuce, pickles, onions, and barbecue sauce for his fries, along with a Sprite. So what was all the hype really about?

Once the product went on sale, Scott himself showed up in California at a McDonald’s location and fans went wild. There were hundred’s of people outside as the rapper pulled up in his red Ferrari and could be seen streaming the event live.

People who ordered the meal did some unusual things you might do for a sneaker such as an unboxing, and sell on platforms like StockX and eBay to share some laughs. People also drove up to McDonald’s and were told to ask for Cactus Jack, an alter-ego of Scott. However, not all people got the quote.

While I don’t buy all the hype behind this sandwich, I still think this was a pretty cool and different collaboration. The only time something like this has happened was when Michael Jordan was still playing basketball with the Chicago Bulls. I believe this opens up the door for other athletes and celebrities to do collaborations with food companies, but I don’t think it will be as anticipated as this.

Travis Scott has created some merchandise that you can find here.

I do wonder how long the meal will be on sale, and what else Travis has in store for his fans or the people? Either way, I’m sure this was a huge success for himself and McDonald’s.

My Love for the Air Max Jet Flight

The Air Max Jet Flight is probably hands down my favorite basketball shoe of all-time. It was a shoe that was ahead of it’s time and could definitely keep up in today’s game. I really wish they would update and re-release this model with some updates of course.

I remember back around the 2002-2003 season was when I first saw these kicks on television. The Dallas Mavericks were playing against the Indiana Pacers, defending their 14-0 start. I stopped watching basketball since Jordan had retired a few years back and wasn’t a big Dallas Mavericks fan since they weren’t all that good. It was a sparky 6’3 guard that got my attention, rocking the aforementioned shoe.

Steve Nash controlled the tempo of the game and on his feet were the Air Max Jet Flight. It’s like the shoes and him were one. He was a blur going across the scree and the shoes seemed to give him that speed. I was mesmerized by his style of play and his sneakers.

Around that time the internet wasn’t accessible for me, but every time he played, I checked his feet. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I had the ability to check what they were. I learned the name of the shoe and started looking around for where to buy them. At the time I had access to the Eastbay catalog, but never noticed that I was passing them up. When I went back through to look at them and try to order, it was too late. I desperately wanted to rock them when I played basketball for my high school team.

As Nash left the Mavs, I still wanted to keep an eye out for what he was wearing. He made any shoe look good. He rocked some Nike Zoom Drive, Nike Uptempo Stutter Step, Uptempo Motion, Nike Air Flight Banger, Nike Air Zoom BB, Cradle Dunk, just to name a few. He even got his own signature Zoom MVP kick. I religiously followed Nash’s game and the shoes that he wore. Even went far lengths to buy what he was wearing in hopes that they would make me better, but still wanted a pair of Air Max Jet Flight.

It wasn’t until college and working at Finish Line were I met a good friend who still had a pair from high school. I immediately told him I would buy they from him, which I did and while they were still in decent shape, I took them to the court. I was able to get a few runs in them until they started to break down.

The lace loop-hole started coming apart, and the Air Max bubble had popped a bit. Eventually the shoes started crumbling and breaking down due to playing on the court outside. The shoes had been inside for so long that when they finally hit the outside oxygen, they started to breakdown. It was a short lived experience, but I definitely could see why they were an awesome shoe.

While it was a short lived experience, the shoe lived up to the hype. I felt like Nash, running up and down the court. I felt like a blur, like I was the fastest thing out there. I knew people would look at my kicks and ask what are those? In a good way. I hope they do retro them though especially since a lot of old basketball shoes are coming back. Maybe we’ll be getting word of them soon and when they do, I’ll be there to cop several pairs.

Nike Air Max Auto Adapt

I am a big fan of the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future II and was super stoked when Nike was working toward creating the shoe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to blow on a pair of Air Mags that were being auctioned for charity at the time, so I would have to wait for Nike to create other auto-lacing shoes in the near future.

While I did end up buying the Nike Adapt BB, I’ll save that story for later and focus on the recently released Nike Air Max Auto Adapt (say that fast three times) infrared colorway.

I knew Nike had made other shoes like the first self-lacing shoe after the Air Mag, the Hyperadapt, the Adapt BB, and the Adapt Huarache. It wasn’t until they were sold out of the “Motherboard” colorway of the Air Max Auto that I found out they made another shoe. While I tried to find a good price for the first aforementioned colorway, prices were too high.

When I got word that Nike was releasing another colorway in the infamous infrared, I had to pull the trigger on them. On release day, I pondered my purchase on Finish line for what felt like hours, although it was about 30 minutes. Did I really want to drop $400 on a pair of shoes that I’m on the fence about? I really wanted that “Motherboard” colorway, and I knew I could rock that pair with anything. While the infrared is awesome, it is limiting in what I could wear with it. These are issues sneaker-heads deal with on the regular.

How would I be able to justify this purchase with my wife? She would kill me for spending that much on one pair of shoes. Luckily, Afterpay was available, although I’ve never used it. It did come in handy as I got to pay the full amount in four separate payments. Still though, when the wife found out, she was livid. I had to do a lot to make up for it, and I almost returned them.

However, I didn’t and they are sitting here in my game room. I’m terrified to wear them outside because they’re so sleek, and nice. It literally is like wearing shoes from the future. While the shoe is awesome, I am a bit concerned with it’s bulky mid-sole. They’re not any heavier than an Air Force 1, but they do look big. However, they are pretty comfy like any other OG Air Max.

Hopefully soon, I’ll have the confidence to rock them in public. I’ve seen a few videos and images online of people wearing theirs. But for now, wearing them indoors isn’t so bad. Check out some photos of them below:

For the love of the culture

Welcome to Social Rec., I’m excited to start this journey with you all and share what I’m passionate about. Like a lot of people, I love sneakers. I love all the technology that goes into them, the designs, the inspirations, innovations, stories etc. I believe that with every sneaker, designers, creators, developers all put their own thing into it. Same can be said for style and fashion.

What I love about it specifically are the inspirational stories you always hear them talk about. For example, I’ll use the great Tinker Hatfield. For all of the kicks he’s created, from Air Max, to Jordan’s, he’s looked for inspiration and innovation to help him create the sneakers. There’s always a story behind them. Then once they hit the consumer, the consumer always has a story to tell about them. How they got them, what they did in them, if they had them when they were young, and want them now that they’re old, you get the point. I want to share those creative and innovative stories with people.

I want to hear your story. I want to talk with you about sports, the athletes that make the game interesting, the things they do for their community, the stories of their shoes etc. I also want to talk about what others are doing to expand the culture with others. Sneaker boutiques, press conferences, events, collaborations, movements, you name it. It’s all a part of the culture and I want to document it and share with you all. So join me on this journey to tell your story and learn about the many things sneakers and sports has to offer.


Chad Sanchez (Creator/Editor-in-Chief)