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  • Nike: Better is Temporary”

    When I first heard about this book being releases, I was super excited. I didn’t truly know what all it entailed but it had to be important if it was being pre-ordered and it looked huge! When I saw the cover of it, that also caught my attention. I did a bit of research into…

  • Nike Mascot T-Shirt Collection

    Nike has done it again. With the start of the 2020-2021 NBA season already underway since late December, Nike has created and pushed out new quality, gear for NBA fans and their specific teams. With new NBA city Jerseys, warm-ups, pants, socks etc., be made, Nike decided to take it a step further. This year,…

  • Nike X Filip Pagowski NBA team shirts

    This collaboration is a couple years old, though when it first released back in 2018, I missed out on buying the Dallas Mavericks shirt because it left the site or showed it as sold out when I checked for it one day. Low and behold two years later, the shirts, most of them, have popped…

  • Unboxing the Air Max 90 “Nordic”

    When I first saw these kicks, I have to admit I did like them. My good friend recommend I get a pair, but I wasn’t super in love with them. Especially since they could only really be worn around Christmas time. So naturally, I passed. It wasn’t until about two weeks from Christmas 2020 that…

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