A Trip to Dallas

Dallas is my hometown so naturally whenever I go back, I look for fun things to do related to the city. I’m a HUGE Dallas Mavericks fan so it’s been a goal of mine to snap photos of anything Mavs related. Since their championship in 2011, several installments have gone up as a reminder of that championship team, including some great stuff in honor of Dirk Nowitzki.

Each time I’ve gone to Dallas the last few years, I’ve looked for specific monuments and anything else that catches my eye Mavericks related, and wanted to share those moments with you all.

Most of the images will center around Dirk, and of course why not? He is a Dallas Legend and since his retirement in 2018, you won’t see him play, but you may catch a glimpse of his greatness throughout the city.

While I’ve gotten to drive around and find different Dallas Memorabilia, especially Dirk, one of my goals was to find the Dirk Mural, and Mavericks Championship mural located throughout the city. After some searching, I was able to find them on a trip to Dallas back in 2019. Though I had some trouble getting a good shot of the championship image because I truck was blocking it, in June of 2021, I was able to finally capture that amazing image.

The first image of Dirk with the stretched out arms will always be a fan favorite. It really captures the essence of Dirk and I love the detail of it. I’ve taken several photos of this mural with my parents, and my family, but I’ll save those images for myself.

In the second image, I had been trying to a couple years now to get a good shot and when we took a family trip to Dallas this past June, the opportunity was there. I got some photos again of my family and I and they all love them.

I love how this is a reimagined photo from Dallas’ lone title, but yet so unforgettable. Then to top it off, it has the names of the players and coach around the rim. This definitely brings back a lot of memories from 2011.

With the reigns now passed onto Luka, hopefully (if we haven’t already) Dallas fans can commemorate Luka with his own mural and memorabilia around the city, if of course he never leaves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane and look forward to future stories just like this. Stay tuned!

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