Nike X Filip Pagowski NBA team shirts

This collaboration is a couple years old, though when it first released back in 2018, I missed out on buying the Dallas Mavericks shirt because it left the site or showed it as sold out when I checked for it one day.

Low and behold two years later, the shirts, most of them, have popped back up on so I purchased the Mavericks shirt and looked at several of the others. For the most part, all teams are there except for the Lakers and the Bulls.

The collaboration is between Nike, being the NBA apparel provider, and Filip Pagowski who is a graphic artist, most know for several works including The Heart of Play collaboration with Converse and Comme des Garcons.

This collaboration had the artist create designs for all 30 NBA teams, though he wanted the designs to reference the teams original logos, and places and things associated with them. Check out the images below of all the team shirts that resurfaced on and scoop you up one of your favorite team’s shirts.

Some of the teams are easy to guess because they state the name of the city and team, while others might be a bit difficult to name such as the Nuggets (golden ball with gold nuggets) and Pacers (group of people holding a ball with P-A-C-E-R-S spelled out). Which one is your favorite? Can you name all the teams? I hope Nike collaborates more with Pagowski in the future for other designs. You can learn more about this collaboration by reading Filip Pagoswki NBA T-Shirts from Nike News.

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