Unboxing the Air Max 90 “Nordic”

When I first saw these kicks, I have to admit I did like them. My good friend recommend I get a pair, but I wasn’t super in love with them. Especially since they could only really be worn around Christmas time. So naturally, I passed.

It wasn’t until about two weeks from Christmas 2020 that I took another look at them on the Nike site after coming across them on Sneakernews. Nike had sold out, so I panicked a bit and decided to check out Kickin It ATX where my good friend Colin works and decided, without hesitation, to purchase the pair, knowing they would be important to Christmas tradition.

Along with this pair, there was a pair of Nike Blazers high, and Air Force 1’s high, to join in on the tradition. I must admit, I’m not a big Air Force 1 fan, but with recent updates to the model and this specific colorway, I’m starting to become a fan. However, these 90’s were a game changer. Check out the video below for the unboxing on Christmas Day and a pair of Nike Elite Christmas socks to rock with them:

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