Nike Air Max Auto Adapt

I am a big fan of the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future II and was super stoked when Nike was working toward creating the shoe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to blow on a pair of Air Mags that were being auctioned for charity at the time, so I would have to wait for Nike to create other auto-lacing shoes in the near future.

While I did end up buying the Nike Adapt BB, I’ll save that story for later and focus on the recently released Nike Air Max Auto Adapt (say that fast three times) infrared colorway.

I knew Nike had made other shoes like the first self-lacing shoe after the Air Mag, the Hyperadapt, the Adapt BB, and the Adapt Huarache. It wasn’t until they were sold out of the “Motherboard” colorway of the Air Max Auto that I found out they made another shoe. While I tried to find a good price for the first aforementioned colorway, prices were too high.

When I got word that Nike was releasing another colorway in the infamous infrared, I had to pull the trigger on them. On release day, I pondered my purchase on Finish line for what felt like hours, although it was about 30 minutes. Did I really want to drop $400 on a pair of shoes that I’m on the fence about? I really wanted that “Motherboard” colorway, and I knew I could rock that pair with anything. While the infrared is awesome, it is limiting in what I could wear with it. These are issues sneaker-heads deal with on the regular.

How would I be able to justify this purchase with my wife? She would kill me for spending that much on one pair of shoes. Luckily, Afterpay was available, although I’ve never used it. It did come in handy as I got to pay the full amount in four separate payments. Still though, when the wife found out, she was livid. I had to do a lot to make up for it, and I almost returned them.

However, I didn’t and they are sitting here in my game room. I’m terrified to wear them outside because they’re so sleek, and nice. It literally is like wearing shoes from the future. While the shoe is awesome, I am a bit concerned with it’s bulky mid-sole. They’re not any heavier than an Air Force 1, but they do look big. However, they are pretty comfy like any other OG Air Max.

Hopefully soon, I’ll have the confidence to rock them in public. I’ve seen a few videos and images online of people wearing theirs. But for now, wearing them indoors isn’t so bad. Check out some photos of them below:

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