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Welcome to Social Rec., I’m excited to start this journey with you all and share what I’m passionate about. Like a lot of people, I love sneakers. I love all the technology that goes into them, the designs, the inspirations, innovations, stories etc. I believe that with every sneaker, designers, creators, developers all put their own thing into it. Same can be said for style and fashion.

What I love about it specifically are the inspirational stories you always hear them talk about. For example, I’ll use the great Tinker Hatfield. For all of the kicks he’s created, from Air Max, to Jordan’s, he’s looked for inspiration and innovation to help him create the sneakers. There’s always a story behind them. Then once they hit the consumer, the consumer always has a story to tell about them. How they got them, what they did in them, if they had them when they were young, and want them now that they’re old, you get the point. I want to share those creative and innovative stories with people.

I want to hear your story. I want to talk with you about sports, the athletes that make the game interesting, the things they do for their community, the stories of their shoes etc. I also want to talk about what others are doing to expand the culture with others. Sneaker boutiques, press conferences, events, collaborations, movements, you name it. It’s all a part of the culture and I want to document it and share with you all. So join me on this journey to tell your story and learn about the many things sneakers and sports has to offer.


Chad Sanchez (Creator/Editor-in-Chief)

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